Ian Henderson. God loves heretics. Acts 10

God loves heretics.
The last generations heretics can become this generations heroes.
Acts 10 is about a heresy. It’s about boxes & doors.
We have been brought up with ideas in boxes, & things outside the box disturb us.
Eg box of appearance. How 6long should a skirt be? Is a tattoo ok?

There are also doors.
Acts 10 is about a vision & a visit.

Peter falls in a trance. God says up, kill & eat.
But Peter had a box that was ok food & other stuff was outside the box.

But God says ‘Don’t call what I say is clean unclean.’
Gods rule is more important than keeping the rules.

We all have our boxes. And so do our churches, and our culture. Maybe God is more concerned that we listen to his voice?

Jesus broke the sabbath box by healing on it many times. Freedom & healing & compassion matter more.

Jesus rule of life? ‘I only do what I see the father doing.’

Wycilf was called a heretic. Wilberforce was called a heretic.
Wimber was too.

Our culture wants us to think in particular boxes and say right & wrong.

In the UK Christians have beers, & in the Usa they have guns: and both say of the other ‘i can’t believe they are Christians.’

What will C22nd people look back at us & say, I can’t believe they were like that yet thought they were Christians.

Peter would pray every day thanking God that he was not a Gentile. But at his door, 3 were inviting him to go with them.
God had said, ‘don’t hesitate!’

He must have struggled, like Jonah had in the same town- Joppa, but Jonah said No!
Peter entered the house – that was revolutionary. We wouldn’t be here if not for his obedience and courage. Because God doesn’t write anyone off.
Who are you writing off?
Whose house should I be entering?

What box do I hold onto thats not important?