Andy Hawthorne – How to live a life that counts

Acts 9: How to live a life that counts

Notes from Andy at New Wine North last night:

By the end of the chapter, after mission and suffering, Paul has hit a wave.

He did the 3 things that he needed to do to get there…

1. He went to the church.
Paul was rooted in the local church. We need to never diss the Lords bride. Be devoted to it through thick & thin. Get committed to it.
2. He went to the lost. Verse 20.
3. He proclaimed Jesus. He is the only one who can change a broken life forever.

V 21. Paul got busy about doing some remarkable things! There should be some astonishing things happening. We should be growing more & more powerful. We reflect his glory! There should be growth – glory to glory!

The devil stirs up all his forces against a move of God. Paul ends up having to leave in a basket. tries to join the church, but the church don’t receive him. He must have felt so discouraged. Thank God for Barnabas who stood with him & spoke for him.

Don’t we want to stand alongside people & encourage them one at a time?

We can all do that.