David Batstone – Catalyst 2010. Smart Activism to Stop Slavery

Smart Activism to end Slavery

There’s no better time to be someone with global skills in a broken world than today. The Kingdom of God needs the BEST!

We need to change the presumption that only a few are called.

How do investigators evaluate supply chains to see how people are exploiting?

Check out http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/ Look at their slavery map.

There will be an app – Free To Work – to check this out.

They are grading companies to see how well they are sourcing their materials etc. These companies should want to be reputation leaders in this – not be forced to comply by law. What are the standards to evaluate?

There are 40 factors to check, (Look at Free to Work). Looking at the practices in place, e.g.., do you ever spot check your factories without notice?

How do you address the flow re sex trafficking?

Look at How / Who countries prosecute:

Do they just look at the prostitutes? What about the Johns who drive demand? There are traffik schools – exposing them to the reality of what they are involved in. Grace first, then if they recommit  an offence – law.

In Sweden they prosecute the Johns and the traffickers, and the women get help. Some countries eg Australia are seeking to decriminalise the whole thing. Which is the best approach?

This is a moment of opportunity for the Christian church to shine! We were late on AIDS. We were late on the environment. Let’s lead here.

We read the Bible and its there all the way through – set captives free – it’s our calling.

Change has to come – how do you create tools so that someone knows that they are helping or hindering justice in the world by e.g. the products they use and buy?

Churches, companies and individuals need to get involved.

Define our mission.