Pete Wilson: Leading in the Dip – #Cat 10

Oops! Missed the first half of this – programming glitch & too busy eating to notice  the timings are not the same as on the card they give you – should have listened to the announcements not just the teaching…but I got the end which seemed like a summary anyway… if i missed anything important and you were there, let me know!

God cares more about who we’re becoming than what we’re accomplishing.

No matter what – God says, ‘I am with you – will you be with me?” Powerfully present even when seemingly absent.

Why are you facing the leadership challenges you’re facing?

I have no idea

When will they finish?

No idea

But your leadership will be defined by how you react when the waves crash in and your dreams are shattered, in the dip, the plan Bs; that’s where we are formed and shaped.

The Big question – what would you do if you were absolutely confident that God was with you…

in your marriage/ leadership/ budgeting…???