Christine Caine: A21 – God’s GPS. #cat10

She was in Florence, went to a cathedral. From the top of the steeple, there were hundreds of people taking photos. What was once in the centre of the city a place of healing & hope was now a place of hope – now just a monument.

God said to her – This is what happens when you stop BEING the church and just starts DOING church.

There’s a passion deficiency syndrome in the church. God wants us to get what he’s consumed with. Luke 15. We are his GPS system. If we forget that we lose everything.

Passion is what drives you to do what nobody makes you do.

What passion?

What GOD is passionate about!

Lost sheep, lost coin, lost son! We don’t have to theologise about that or discuss it. People are LOST, all over the place. Sheep just end up lost. Maybe with coins it’s someone’s fault. When people ae being careless with their lives, they or others get lost.

We have a responsibility to be God’s GPS. seek and save – bring life, hope & answers. When people are going on the wrong roads the church is there to help ‘Recalculate.’ the route…

Today there are 27 million slaves on the Earth (UN estimate).

We think we’re the good Samaritan – but we’re too often like the levite & the priest. We pass them by. Do we GO to them? Otherwise it’s just sympathy. Compassion is crossing the street and investing time, talent & treasure.

She started the A21 campaign. To rescue. Numbers are overwhelming, but one or two have faces & names.Lillia. Bulgarian girl, went to Greece with promise of being a hairdresser, raped and forced into prostitution.

On our watch, human beings are being shipped around the world in containers. One girl said to her,

‘If what you believe about God is true, why didn’t you come sooner?’

Why are we so afraid of the darkness? Her daughter bought a little torch – then wanted to go look for some darkness to shine it in!

Imagine if we didn’t go?

Ephesians 5:18 Awake O Sleeper – get out of your comfort zone. That’s where you find the light & life of Jesus at work.

Don’t just do church – BE church, to illuminate the darkness.