Seth Godin – A Connection Economy #cat10

There came a point in your life when you realised that WWF isn’t real – that there’s a difference between what is & what you were expecting.

The way our economy works drives our culture.

There were agricultural groups self subsisting then there were princes and rulers

The economy changes things.

My $40billion mistake

He looked at the internet then wrote a book years ago about the internet that sold 850 copies, at the same time yahoo started.

The record industry used to be great. Go to a shop, buy a record. Break it, buy another.

Then it changed.

Betty Crocker – decided that advertising got things bought

Henry Ford – made more by mass producing. Even had Ford sheep to produce wool for seats. Interchangeable parts. And interchangeable PEOPLE.

Factories led to SCHOOL. Andrew Carnegie. Because our kids need to learn to be obedient and do what they’re told and buy stuff. Fit in by buying stuff. It all feeds teh factory system.

Seth was sitting with some young teens, had a perpetual motion drinking bird. Asked, How does it work? For half an hour they looked at it, without a clue of how to think about interesting questions.

the factory that governs the country, the church,

the factory changed us – told us that the BUILDING mattered – that the hard part is the building.

Tim makes light sabres. Making them is not selling them. What’s hard is figuring out a business on how to make and sell them successfully. From idea to output.

In the world of Google, COMPETENCE is no longer enough. So there’s a problem. It’s to do with BOWLING.

Pro bowling is about being perfect. Trying to avoid a gutter and make a strike. the problem with bowling is they will die, because they race to the bottom. The shop says, ‘I can do it cheaper.’

If someones racing to the bottom, somebody else will be a bit more convenient, dont go there.

Now, there’s a new revolution – that’s destroying the industrial revolution.

What can you count on these days?


In a world where people have choices… Because all that matters now is that you do something more graceful than others? GRACEFUL = accepting others and doing art. The kind of person that when you leave the room they were glad you’d been there.

The factory system got people to COMPLY.

The new revolution – the more connected people are – you win by being more connected. You can’t comply your way to success. You have to be willing to fail – rather than be AVERAGE.

Nobody wants to be a boring tribe. You will never create a movement by complying, you have to be willing to offend some.

Apple don’t just build phones, they built a tribe. If you want to be in, you’re in. It builds because people want to talk about it.

Why am I going to talk about you?

Because you’re a genius – who knows how to be a human being and make a change that needs to be made.

Who’s setting your agenda?

Are you making ART? Not painting. One third of all the paintings in the world are made in a village in China. Painted Mona Lisa.

Art is a gift that enriches someone. And it’s a GIFT. No gift, no art.

The gift changes everything, it means it’s not a business transaction now – that’s US and THEM. (Usury). Acts that bring us closer together makes for a Connection Economy.

Emotional Labour is art. Exposing ourselves to intellectual risk. That’s work worth doing – makes you a Lynch Pin, someone who will make change even if it fails short term.

Do you fire someone because they are NOT making mistakes? Or reward them.

The more change we can make the more the Tribe will grow.

How tight is the Tribe? Would they miss you or be missed? If you’re at the centre of a Tribe that matters, you’d matter.


Of course they won’t. Change is always made by individuals who stop pursuing deniability, but are eager to give away credit. Organisations want lynch pins.

You can never fit in enough. But you CAN make a difference today. Or five.

Plastic Sharks. In the USA last year, deer killed a lot more people than sharks. But we’re afraid of sharks.

Why did the chicken cross the rd? It’s brain told it too. All wild animals have a lizard brain; responsible for safety. Instinct. If I put you on an MRI scan I can see yours. The lizard takes over in panic situations. It’s the resistance.  It stops you taking a risk.

We’re moving away from scarcity to a connected world of abundance.

Do you know how many people would love to have the Platform you have – to do work that matters?

Question from Andy Stanley: What about the need for System? Doesn’t that need compliance.

Leadership needs systems – directions, tell me where I’m going. But you don’t have to tell me exactly how I have to get there.