Pippa Tucker’s talk from last night- ‘It’s still good news.’

Great talk from Pippa at Ivy, yesterday evening.

Luke 2. 8-20

The angels said it was good news because the rescuer had COME!
Things would never be the same again.

This is for all people.
Everyone needs a rescuer. Rom 3:23
Everyone can have one. Rom 3:24
And God backed that up by telling the shepherds. The nature of shepherding meant they were viewed as thieves, couldn’t testify in court. Yet God entrusted this message to them.

They decide to share it. It was too good – to keep to themselves. They were not just consumers.
God changes us, so we can change the world.

This Good news is Effective. It’s never outdated. It’ll never not work or run out of guarantee!

The angels proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah.
To the brokenhearted, the distant, the oppressed, the lost. It’s good news to them- and us.

It’s good news because it’s exciting!
The angels couldn’t contain their excitement at God’s wonderful plan being unveiled. One turned up with the message, and delivered it.
But then as soon as they could, they had to shout out about God’s glory.

The angels don’t need a Saviour, but they get so excited!! We can get used to it. Take it for granted a little.

Make the most of this time of year to tell others the good news & share it.