The power of goal setting

In the first chapter of my previous book, ‘The Don’t Have To Do List’ I write about the power of setting goals which drive us forward into our destiny.

Just sitting here on Boxing Day with my lovely family, Zoe just passed around our ‘Christmas Book.’ Each year, everyone writes in what’s been their best things about that Christmas, together with prayers and hopes for the future.

My daughter Emma just read a line from mine before I got to look at it – ‘I will write a book for men this year.’


I’m so pleased that I have completed my new book, ‘Diamond Geezers,’ which lots of blokes have already been giving positive feedback from since I released the first chapter free online at my sister site yesterday.

As 2011 approaches, will you drift into it aimlessly (if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time), or will you proactively seize not just the day, but the year?

One thought on “The power of goal setting

  1. Happy New Year Anthony! Will look out for the book, but what you’ve posted here about goal setting sounds very much like the sort of seminar my old boss used to send new recruits on in the late 90’s – not really religion or theology, just life skills, no?

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