Ecclesiastes 5: Motor Mouth.

Kris Tucker at Ivy Mcr.
This forms our grow group notes for this week:

‘I will let my words be few…’

Read Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Some of us love silence. Others can’t wait to fill it with something.
which are you?!

Kris shared a time when he went to the beach to get really quiet, but there was no way he could get quiet inside. Even when we are in silence- do we wait ‘long enough to hear the silence itself.’

Mother Teresa: ‘God is the friend of silence.’
Are you? How do you get on with silence? Do you see it as a friend?
Have a time of silence… Then discuss!

God said to Kris: ‘Your worship is one style – you come to me with lots of words.’
This passage tells us, there is a time for silence. How do we make time for silence in busy lives?

Kris then showed us a video clip from The Blue Planet- about a Blue Whale. Watch something like that, (link below) then put your hand over your mouth, and silently stand in awe of your God!

We then sat in silence for a loooong time.

And later – after the some people shared a word of encouragement,


Don’t be rash with your words. Don’t be too hasty to speak.

Prayer point:
We are going on a six week journey to hear God at Gorton monastery. It is an awe inspiring place. Kris talked about when he went & visited & sensed that in that different place, in a different way, God will speak to us about our future. Discuss how you feel about this as a group- how will you get there? Encourage each other.

Please be there, every week you can, give a lift if you can, let’s be there as a community as we get to listen to God. In the meantime, pray hard about it – and let your words be few.

Suggestion for this week: let’s practice the silent treatment for the first few minutes of the day, and listen to God before we even speak to him or anyone else.

He is ‘the one we must fear.’ Revere him, he is awesome, so be inspired, and he is singing a song over your life – but how will we know what He is singing, if we don’t get silent & listen.