Ecclesiastes 5: Motor Mouth.

Kris Tucker at Ivy Mcr. This forms our grow group notes for this week: ‘I will let my words be few…’ Read Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 Some of us love silence. Others can’t wait to fill it with something. which are you?! Kris shared a time when he went to the beach to get really quiet, but there was no way he could get quiet inside. Even when we are in silence- do we wait ‘long enough to hear the silence itself.’ Mother Teresa: ‘God is the friend of silence.’ Are you? How do you get on with silence? Do you see it as a friend? Have a time of silence… Then discuss! God said to Kris: ‘Your worship is one style – you come to me with lots of words.’ This passage tells us, there is a time for silence. How do we make time for silence in busy lives? Kris then showed us a video clip from The Blue Planet- about a Blue Whale. Watch something like that, (link below) then put your hand over your mouth, and silently stand […]