Core Principles you need to Lead. Dave Ramsey at Catalyst 2011

His focus – how to handle your money God’s way.
Take back the marketplace and win it for Christ. Business people can be evangelists with our excellence so people will want to know who we know.

How do you run your business God’s way? WWJD style?

Leadership matters – core philosophies.

People Matter.

Don’t take that as read. In the middle of a transactional culture you have to be relational. Your ability to relate to others matters massively. Never see people as units. You need to hear their stories. Everyone has a story. STOP and go relational. Value the person. Doesn’t mean I’m a pushover or have no boundaries. Jewish rabbis teach – your opportunities come through people.

An incredible team and a culture of Excellence matters.

Christians have to shine – because we’re not expected to. Excellence isn’t just an option. If you’re going to put a fish on the car you’d better drive it right. Team selection? You won’t win the Derby with a donkey. You have to get a thoroughbred. If you put someone in the wrong place it steals their energy and that of the organisation. Not everyone has to work for me. The question is – are you supposed to be? Has God put you here?
Have a great hiring process. Are you really supposed to be here? You need to take the time you spend on people decisions and multiply it by three. Proverbs 31 talks about a wise woman – he gets his wife in on the process because she’s great to check it out with over a meal etc.and the spiritual discernment antennae is up. Make sure it’s a fit. Jeremiah 29:11 is true. God has a plan. But ‘Loves Jesus’ is not the only qualification.

PRAY – ‘Lord, send the exact right person for this role – and keep your crazy kids away.’ We don’t want anyone who’s just drawing a cheque and working a job. You have to buy in, and believe and be committed to the team and unified. And the person they are married to matters too, they could be struggling with their marriage all the time when they’re supposed to be at work – or she could be crazy etc.

How to fire someone. Here’s the HR manual – Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. You try to work it out; but if not, you have to go. Just because you have talent doesn’t mean you’re meant to be on the team.

Slow and steady matters.

Don’t let your life go faster than your resources. God owns all the money and he’ll send you all you need. If he doesn’t send the money, don’y do the deal. Don’t take on more than I can care for. Don’t just expand…
I’m afraid I’ll miss it.
You’ll miss it doing it wrong.
Don’t advance past your supply lines. Armies that do so get killed.
A billionaire told him, his favourite book- the tortoise and the hare.
Proverbs tell us ‘He who is impulsive promotes folly.’

Financial Principles Matter

Don’t blame the market. Don’t blame Jesus for your craziness.
Live on less than you make
Stay out of debt (The borrower is slave to the lender)
Have a plan, count the cost
Learn to be generous, aways. Greek word – hilarios! (Not just about giving money, it’s about how you treat people).

How not to be scared in economic downturn; have money saved and no debt and you’ll have no fear, and you’ll be able to invest in people. We are meant to be a peculiar people. If we’re unusual in how we handle our money and people, we’ll stand out.

A higher calling matters.
Do your work as unto the Lord.

Do you wish you could leave your job? Want another? How could that happen. Do it with such excellence and passion that the competitor steals you. Shine your light for all to see and opportunity will come – it always does. If you’re in a bunch of donkeys, stand up and they’ll see you’re a thoroughbred.

How to shine? Brand differential – get in early. work hard, bring it all day long (don’t ‘take it easy’), tell the truth. Do your work as unto the Lord. Because Jesus is watching. As if I was fitting Jesus’ shoes, cooking for him, putting tyres on his car. Do it with excellence! Now, tell people about who you work for.
When you care deeply for WHY you are doing what you’re doing, then you’ll not be transactional but relational. The WHY is the most important.

Your execution is polished when you get the WHY.

That will make a difference. it’s a sowing and reaping thing.
if you plant stupid, you will reap desperate.

One day there will be two dates for us, where we start and when we end. We’ll walk into heaven because of grace. But when I go through I want to hear that call from the clouds, well done.