Don’t let it pass you by

This was the second talk by Rick Murrill, from Chelmsford (see my previous post) 

We want to give each other permission – for you to be who God called you to be.

How do we love the Lord with all our heart and being? The only way we know we’re doing it is when we catch ourselves doing it.

Nothing meaningful takes place in my life, unless it’s expressed in the power of the Holy Spirit. Not just doing it. Not just stepping out in the strength we have.

Imagine you’re standing on one side of the river. The Lord says I want you to cross over.

There’s a bridge.

That’s how we’d think we would go over.

Now while I’m waiting on the Lord, the bridge blows up.

But what the Lord says didn’t change.

We assume the way it’s done – instead of submitting to the way the Lord wants to see it done. We look for that natural way.

What does it mean to love the Lord? To desperately desire him. How do I express that?

There’s a connection to loving our neighbour – as ourselves.

Sometimes we have to love God even when you are praying and praying and he’s silent but you know he’s still there because you love him.

Someone asked him, ‘How do you know God is real?’

Answer – Because it used to be when I got low there was nowhere to go and I fell to pieces. Now, I go to him and he’s there – so I don’t.

What do you think of YOU? How much do you know of what the Lord sees of you? It’s not what you do or what you say, but what you IMPART. No matter what you’re preaching, your life is imparting something.

We generally don’t listen to the people we don’t agree with. So we lock ourselves in to the same kind of thinking all over again.

God has sought each of us out to do his work, but we fit in with the world instead. Caught up in what the world’s doing. If you don’t practice loving God with all your heart, you won’t be able to practice loving people very well. The moment to love that person for him will pass by. If this is the Greatest Commandment of all – surely it’s worth me thinking about it and practicing?

God has given us a liberty we don’t deserve. he wants people to know that freedom. God wants us to enjoy doing what he wants us to do, by being the person he wants us to be.  He puts those desires in your heart, so you can delight yourself in them. There are things in us, ways we do what we do – unique to us. Some people laugh loud. It’s contagious. (If you whinge, that’s contagious, too).

We need to constantly discover the joy of serving Jesus. ‘Lord, there are certain things I’d like to do at times but I deliberately release them to serve you. And I release to you the person I am in order to serve you.’

Sometimes your prophetic gift can be a spoiler. How? You see or hear something others can’t see or hear. But nobody else is doing anything about that (Because they’re not seeing or hearing it). So you turn it inward and moan and complain. We end up still sitting in the prison Christ has set us free from.

We’ve still got the grave clothes on. Notice that Jesus didn’t take the clothes off him – the people around him had to do that. We release one another to be who God has called us to be. That’s a permission giving c