The Management of Perception

Richard Reising visited Ivy today, and gave some great input which I’m going to be pretty much directly quoting from my notes on and putting out as a series of posts on CHURCH MARKETING…

I know, I know…

Marketing is a dirty word in church circles but marketing principles are not contrary to scripture – they pretty much come out of it!

Marketing is NOT what you think it is. It’s not telemarketing people ringing and bothering you etc.

It’s the management of perception. That’s pretty simple.

It’s not the manipulation of perception!

Management = to know were we are today, where we need to be and make the neccessary adjustments

How is the church today perceived?

How do we want it to be perceived?

What do we have to do to bring about the change. 

If you ask people what the church is for, you’ll probably get an answer you don’t agree with.

Your church has a perception.

OR (worse) nobody knows about you!

Everything you do that forms a perception of who you are – it’s marketing.

Whether you cut the lawn. The welcome team smiling or not.

Your name. (Holy Spirit Worship Tabernacle???!!!).

Every church is marketing – whether you think so or not.

QUESTION – What’s the perception of your church. Are you managing that well? 

One thought on “The Management of Perception

  1. Very interesting subject !! How we SEE and How GOD SEES !! Laodecian sight is rampant in our church circles and personal lives today , we say – – – – and God says ! though I may not like what God sees ….. I totally agree with his prognosis of the true condition of ourselves and our churches ! I Know that there needs to be a Major,major change in me first ! and then hopefully the Fire will spread to others ie – the church local . As for what others see , they should see our love for one another burning brightly and GOD in our Midst , I Believe this will happen when we stop discussing and fall on our knees humbly before God and confess our sins ( me First ! ) Yours – the Worst of the Lot ps the funny thing was they could not even SEE to say ! and yet we do !!! lol

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