: Excuses have their uses

Never thought I’d be quoting 80s crooners ABC in my blog, but just a quick thought from my morning reading.

From my time in the police I heard sone people ‘caught bang to rights’ as we said come up with some fantastic excuses. One drunk I arrested protested ‘I’m just an innocent stybander!’

I love how real (and really lame) Aaron’s response is when he gets nailed for his part in getting the whole nation in trouble. Moses asks him, ‘what happened here?!!’

Uh oh… What do I say? ( I paraphrase)
‘Er….well it was everybody else, they wanted to be bad but not me…’

Exodus 32:24 ESV

“So I said to them, ‘Let any who have gold take it off.’ So they gave it to me, and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf.””

See it at YouVersion.com: http://bible.us/Exod32.24.ESV

This great big golden calf thing everyone’s bowing down to instead of the real God ‘just happened!’

Caught red handed
With your pants down
Your hand in the till
The lie found out
What do we do?

Blameshifting to others, ‘it’s not my fault’ it just happened. From Adam & Eve to kids the world over, to politicians & greedy businessmen and me. What’s your excuse?

We can either live a perfect life or ask forgiveness and grace from the God who saw it all and has heard it all before.

He doesn’t accuse if I offer no excuse
He won’t judge if I’ve already judged myself.

The real God wants you to know he is a pardoner with power, any counterfeit is just a lot of bull.