Mike Pilavachi – the Spirit & the desert – New Wine LSE

We look at the NT then at our lives & see something missing!

Lk 3:21f
Trinitarian event.
We all love being affirmed.
Jesus was affirmed – and publicly!
It wasn’t whispered but a shout from heaven.

Then – 4;1 he was driven in the desert.
Spiritual equation –
Led to the desert
Filled with the Spirit
Then used by the Spirit.

The desert place is not the devil’s place.

Joseph had his from 17 to 30

Moses had his from 40 to 80

He thought he was God’s gift. Till the desert, the burning bush.

Who am I that I should go?
Was he hoping for affirmation?
I will go with you.
That’s not the answer
Because Moses is asking the wrong question
Should be – who are you?

Moses has been in Midian 40 years. Hot, dry, big, quiet, sand. That’s all there is to see about the desert.
Not a day trip
Not a week
There’s only so many sand castles you can build.

But in the desert –
It’s just you and God
And that’s where he does his surgery

Then he did another 40 years with Israel in the desert!

3 lessons from the desert:

Dt 8:2
humility – stripping away all we leant on so we know he is enough. Moses learned that – we aren’t going without your presence!
God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. That’s in the bible 3 times. God really really really means it! We can humble ourselves or he will do it – plan A is less painful

Dt 8:10
The desert helps you learn to praise & give thanks when it hurts.
The people had moaned all the way about God and not having cucumber & garlic. Slave mentality. Thank him in the circumstances – not necessarily for the circumstances.

Hosea 2
God allures us into the desert – to speak tenderly to us.