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Matt 9
Jesus the Saviour and Lord spent a long time making tables and chairs He kept saying the timing’s not right
Until the time is right!
Then the kingdom comes – in a person
When the king comes!
Jesus shows us what the gospel is all about
The poor the sick the lonely
And he chooses a youth group to help him.
Matt 9 is a very exciting chapter! Healing, calling, deliverance – all in one day! Then he goes round healing every disease, nothing is too hard for him! What’s the kingdom like?
A little bit of Salt & yeast makes a massive difference: small and invisible And…
It’s a city on a hill! It’s glorious!
Jesus did BOTH!!

The time is right – now.

Multiplication starts. Kingdom isn’t about addition. That’s why the angels get excited when one person becomes a christian but they know in a multiplying kingdom many more get effected

When Jesus SAW the crowds he had compassion on them…

Jesus type Mission starts with
See the need
Some Christians never get past their own needs – to see.

Then it’s FEEL:
Jesus had compassion – felt their oppression in his guts!
The people on your doorstep. Have you seen it – and you have what they needs
We love Psalm 37:4 because it tells us (we think) he will give us the desires of OUR heart. But really it’s about us having his heart

Stage 3: PRAY:
Ask the Lord of the harvest.
Jesus hardly told us what to pray did he? But we know this. When did you last pray for that Mission?
Where there is hot prayer and hot mission growth happens! Church growth is pretty simple.
Real prayer always results in Mission because inevitably we get to play as well as pray

Mt 10 says they got the authority – impartation. Confidence in the power they had to get the job done.

We have to. We are all called to go! To the lost and poor with the gospel that changes everything!

Lord open our eyes and our hearts!