Graham Dow: Deliverance from evil spirits #nwn&e12

Eph 6:12 tells us who the battle is really with – a hierarchy of powers

Jude 6 – angels left their place and became evil spirits

Mk 1:21f how Jesus dealt with evil spirits. The word translated as possessed just means ‘with.’ There are many, but one spokesman.
Asking jesus name was a power play.

Jesus says ‘be throttled! Come out!’
We would put the man out of the church, Jesus put the spirit out of the man.

The gospels clearly distinguish sickness and demons. The same symptoms have different causes. Healing and deliverance are distinct. But Jesus deals with both!

The main bible term = demonised
(literally to have a little demon)
Or vexed by a demon

Deliverance is routine ministry for the apostles
Acts 5:12-16 shows its ongoing for us

It’s a sign of the kingdom but there is a battle. Spiritual power encounter. The Spirit of the Lord on and in us. Real but invisible power. spirit= ruach.

Spirits are bad breath.
Impure spirits

Rev 20 tells us their destiny. Lake of fire.

So – how can a God of love allow these demons to exist
Same as the classic problem of evil

In our culture we are afraid of any lack of control. Even if there was another Pentecost

In every culture except the West, people know there are evil spirits and are delighted to hear it can be set right.

If evil spirits go from your worldview, angels must also be rejected.
We believe in human freedom to rebel and see its evidence. Why not believe spirits could rebel

People of the Lie: M Scott Peck- psychology ignores evil and can’t handle it.

The church is rediscovering the power of the Spirit and our authority. This includes deliverance of course-
It should be routine and undramatic. Most spirits are common but not very powerful.

Moral evil – where human will is exercised against God, it is an invitation to connect with spiritual evil. They only live in the realm of spiritual darkness
Persistent sin is putting a welcome mat down:

Fear gives access
Sexual sins
Sin done to us
Inherited ( we pass on holy children, it works both ways)

Clues to discerning evil spirit activity:

When patterns of sin don’t respond to normal confession & repentance, sacraments etc.

Direct hostility to Jesus
spirits can’t say ‘Jesus is Lord’ – the person may able to. Resistance to the cross
Hatred of holy communion
Negative reaction to clergy, holy things.
Acts 16; direct opposition to the work of the gospel
Relational strife for no reason
Inability to be able believe

Ask some questions about background.
We will get opposition.
Free masonry

Tie up the work of the enemy and release the Holy Spirit.

The land is polluted by evil spirits, violence etc
There can be a negative Memory.

Occult practices = hidden. But you can spot them by people who are attracted to such practices and people. Darkness attracts darkness.

Inexplicable power to do something

Alternative remedies: Question for healing = by what power?

Occult knowledge – ouija, horoscopes- its not just for fun; might rub off!

Dead relatives presence

False religion is deceitful and idolatry
The spirit realm is how we open up to truth or untruth.
Secret societies
New age philosophies

Sexual deviation – spirits of lust are very common in men
Any sex outside of God’s boundaries is an entry point. Any sexual practice that degrades. If you are ashamed – get free by confession to a Christian leader

Murder – pollutes the land

Spirits of control – oppression, domination.

Case history may bring up burglary, accident, rape etc.

Community histories can leave a very negative sense. Confess the sin of the past. Revivals have come after mapping the past and praying through.

Spirits of sickness. Repeated patterns

Some depression, insomnia.

These things are widespread, especially spirits of fear

Unforgiveness, jealousy, abandonment, rejection, fear of death, believing a lie brings a curse on yourself. Don’t hold onto that wrong thought.


People feeling bound to a dead person

Colour choices – wearing all black, jarring colours etc

Evil spirits can drive all kinds of problem, we are Better off without them!

Sometimes you can say ‘I demand any spirit to manifest itself’ and it will.

Satan has been allowed some authority on the earth. Gen 3
But in Jesus there is a new order – he is the holy one who destroys the works of the enemy. New creation!
Life ! Resurrection. Second Adam
And if we are crucified with him we are also raised with him.

This is a ministry of love, but it attracts power seekers (check your heart)

We have authority – but we have to pray for power.
Sometimes persevere through fasting
Helpful if you can discern the clues
Be aware that in Christ, you are protected in Him. I don’t have to be afraid.

Confess the Lord as victor, praise for the blood bought victory!!

Confess any sin- remove the ground they stand on.

Renounce eg any occult, jealousy

Speak forgiveness to any who have hurt you

Command any spirits to go, naming of identified

Healing hurts/ memories prayer

Filling with the Holy Spirit.

Now the person has to make right choices and think rightly so they build up their resistance because they have the ego strength to walk and think a new way. May need a lot of help.

Scripture memory.
Sign of the cross
Stick close to other Christians

Never infringe on someone’s dignity.
If the professionals are involved, work in ways that will help them. Be aware not to go outside of your competence or authority

Don’t give Satan too much or little notice.