Problem – Promise – Provision – POSSIBILITY!

I’ll be at NWN12 next week so here are the Ivy MCR GG notes for next week (Commencing 30 July); continuing from Graham Cooke’s recent visit, his words are in italics. 


Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Pray together for revelation from God about the passage.

DISCUSS: Is there any problem now that seems unsurmountable? is there an area where you feel weak? What do you think Paul meant about being strong when he was weak? Pray for one another.

GC: ‘You can’t have a problem without the promise and the provision being attached. You can’t experience a negative without the positive being provided, so now you see the POSSIBILITY that is possible for God.’ 

Discuss: How might this perspective tie in with what Paul was telling the Corinthians?

GC: Get excited by problems, because worry is illegal. Remember that belongs to Jesus now – he paid for it – it’s his stuff! Look at the size of the problem, then go – Oh wow, the promise and the provision must be bigger! We have a totally different take on everything because JESUS IS LORD! Learn to be Kingdom people experiencing life differently. The Holy Spirit loves to help because he’s the helper. He loves his job in your life. And everything is his speciality. 

Do you think and act like that is true? In what areas do you need to change your mind/ attitude/ behaviour?

Jesus establishes closure

He loves your conversion

He empowers your commission

He orchestrates your battles so you learn to prosper and be victorious in everything. 

He upgrades your identity. 

Q. How often have we settled for a Christianity that is just a sin management programme or a free ticket to heaven, rather than a complete change of life here and now?

What if we could live as though God knew everything about us – totally vulnerable to the goodness of God, so full of favour we overflow. What if everything is possible? Revival occurs when we start to see as God sees and think as God thinks – especially about ourselves. So – stop praying like a widow – and start praying like a bride. A woman who knows she’s loved by her husband knows she can get anything she wants from him. Become amazing! 

Read the story of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8 as a study in CONTRASTS not similarities. What differences are there when we pray to God versus her position?

You have to learn how to NOT LISTEN to the father of lies.You can’t have Christ in you and be ordinary. Know that nothing can work against you because he is working for you. We have authority to trample on the enemy not by taking authority over the devil but by discovering the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel is so astonishing it borders on fantasy, but if it’s not too good to be true, it’s not God. Because the only way you can worship God is in superlatives! 

Spend some time throwing out some superlatives about God right now. Write some, say some, sing some. God loves it and the devil hates it! 

There’s no place for fear in warfare. We are more vulnerable to the sovereignty of God than to any power of the enemy. You have Christ in you. It’s not a fair fight! It’s a good fight – because the good fight is one you win and you’re condemned to victory. When you know who are and who God is. Part of your commissioning is never be afraid. Enjoy who Jesus is. Give him his stuff back. See yourself in the beauty of your new nature. There’s a new way.