Favour and Vengeance

We’ve looked at Isaiah 61 a lot recently in the Ivy GG notes but it was such a crucial passage when Graham Cooke taught, start by reading it again. 



Favour is different from Grace, although it comes from the same root word. Grace is undeserved, unmerited. But the Bible is full of instruction about how we can obtain favour. We live in the Favour of the Lord through prayer, faith, obedience and perseverance. 

GC: In every situation – he’s training you about FAVOUR. Favour is BIAS. God is BIASED for you, He can turn everything around for good. You never face anything on the same level it comes to you. You can go to a higher level and face it where God wants you to come to it. God allows in his wisdom what he could easily prevent in his power. Why? So you live in expectancy of the goodness of God. 

Question: Do you live that way? Do you expect to see the goodness of God? 

He also wants us to know about His vengeance on the enemy. How does God get vengeance on his enemy? 

Everything in your past where you have ever been held back or held a captive – he doesn’t just want to set you free from it but to have a mintsry in that area. Your testimony is the beginning of your ministry. 

SHARE your story of how you came to faith and/or share testimony of how God has pulled you through in some area. 

You say, ‘What’s my ministry?’Well, what have you been set free from? Move in the opposite spirit to that – your ministry is right there! 

Discuss: What areas might your ministry be in? 

Pray for one another