Your Inheritance for your Identity

(Ivy GG notes – see previous for context)

Read Isaiah 61:

Isaiah 61 was Jesus’ inheritance word. He was modelling how God uses scripture. It’s there for us to lay hold of and lay claim to.

Discuss: What Bible passages most grab you? The ones that keep coming up for you? 

For where he wants to take you, there are scriptures you need to live in. Any promise in there is yours. The Bible says ‘God is no respecter of persons’ That means you can become like that person and have that experience they did. Their identity can become part of you. As you learn how to move in the anointing this passage gives you. It’s your inheritance word. When he gives you that, he commits resources to see it fulfilled.

Discuss: Which Bible characters resonate most deeply with you? Why? 

It doesn’t matter how many people are against me. It’s the power of one – walking with the One. 

Pray: Name one difficult situation you’re facing right now. Pray for one another; claiming the power of the One walking with you that makes all things possible. 

When God gave you a ‘Word’ he wasn’t giving you a blessing for the moment – think about the prophetic promise, look at the passage again, those words he keeps giving are meant to be of your identity forever. Study those passages – where your future life is contained in him. You can have the courage Gideon had, the wisdom of Solomon.

Which Bible characters do you wish you could be more like? 

Your identity always has resources attached to it. You have multiple identities – but one personality. Your identities are resourced.

Grandpa, Aunt, husband, godparent, boss… it depends you’re relating with.

What ‘identities’ have you had in the last week? Have you asked God for the resources you need to be who you are called to be for others? 

This is true physically and in the spirit too. As the Bread of Life – Jesus could feed 5000. He was the King of Bread! That was part of his identity. If you don’t step into your identity, you will always be behind what the Lord has for you. Get what the Lord has said about you, read it out loud – and say, “Lord, I accept this identity, you said it – I receive the resources I need for that.” 

Do you have a prophetic word that’s just stick in your Bible? Stuck in a drawer somewhere? Get it out! Once you got it, the clock starts ticking. God starts working on it. It starts the day you receive it. You start training into it. Rather than asking the Lord, ‘What’s the word you have next for me?’ What about one he’s already spoken? Live that one out! If you will start to interact with how God sees you, everything gets geared up. This can be a life or death issue, spiritually.

DISCUSS: Do you have promises and prophecies etc written down and tucked away? Why not bring them next week and share them with others in the GG? Encourage one another. 

Whatever God orders, he pays for. If you have a prophetic word about provision, you can go to another level with your giving! 

PRACTICE: Read a Psalm…

What belongs to you?

Is it describing who you are?

Be free from being present/past in your thinking; Be present/future. Get into the flow of the Holy Spirit – believe He will make it work. Get to know how God sees you. The change will depend on how you take hold of those words and establish them in prayer and as a reality of experience.