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The positive side of testosterone.

Men have 6 times more of it than women, and that makes a difference. It’s not anti feminist to say so.

What does it mean for a man to Know God.
Because we’re fidgety, restless creatures. Some of us are naturally more reflective. Most aren’t.

The Romans had the pantheon of gods and diluted everyone’s true faith by syncretism.
The only god that never appeared in the pantheon was the God of the Christians. They stubbornly refused to not be different. They held the line. No matter what.

2 Sam 23:
David’s special forces. The mighty men.

They held the line no matter what. The enemy wants to throw things at you to make you quit. To say ‘stuff it’ and walk away. Or at least sulk.

Alternative – hold the line. Till your hand sticks to the sword.

Then you find – eventually

You won. You came through it.

Sometimes we didn’t see the breakthrough because we didn’t hold on long enough to break through.

Shammah stood in a field and said ‘enough!’
He drew a line and said ‘enough is enough!’
What’s your line?

We know life isn’t simple, it’s not all black and white
But where the line is clear – hold it!