Bill Hybels – Muddle Of The Middle

Bill Hybels – GLS: The Muddle Of The Middle

He has talked before about Moving People from Here to There

You’re a leader to move people toward a preferred future.
Don’t just focus on THERE
FIRST build the reasons why we can’t stay HERE
Then people are ready to move THERE.

So, along the journey from here to there – when is the vision most vulnerable?

In the MIDDLE.
When you’re half way there, that’s when you can get real problems.

You haven’t got the impetus of the start off, and you can’t see the finish line.

God has to carry us through the tough times in the middle.

So – be very careful in the middle. The middle of your ministry life is the toughest part.
Don’t you want to finish?
To finish as strong as can be?
To leave everything stronger than when you started.

Remember what a privilege it is to be a leader.
Yes there’s a price to pay. BUT…
We are among the privileged few in all the world. Thanks be to God.
It is all gift.
Have you thanked God recently? For what He gives us to do.
Step back and say thank you!
That you’re not just an onlooker or a bench sitter. You’re a leader.
Enjoy every day you get to lead – because it will be over in a blink.