Dream Of A Coming Revival

Anyone who knows my wife Zoe well will know over the years she has a great prophetic gift in dreams, really insightful and occasionally scary! The wonderful thing is how they come true in detail. It’s no exaggeration to say that every major move in our life has been foretold in a dream she’s documented.

So the other night she had a dream – about a move of GOD that’s coming our way. This ties in with an increasing excitement I have been feeling, many reporting a palpable sense of the presence of God last Sunday in our service at Kingsway, a number of miraculous answers to prayer here at Ivy recently; and reports from various sites I’m connected to of outpourings in various churches. It seems the spiritual temperature is being turned up! 

Here’s Zoe’s dream, from her notes. The bits in brackets are my explanatory notes.

I was with a few others (women friends/prayer partners) were in an upstairs room – when a storm was coming up outside. I told someone there how bad it looked but they weren’t at all worried by the storm (this was one of the friends who’s a mighty woman of God who has lived through revival when she was in Brazil). 


The sea was swelling and then a huge, enormous wave came up, not like a tidal wave – instead it was like the whole of the sea, came flooding in with tremendous force.


It flooded everywhere below us. The house shook but still my friend was not phased by it at all. 


When all went quiet I went and looked outside. Everywhere looked beautiful, as though the wave had washed everything and made it brighter. The shore was clean, not trashed like you’d expect after a storm.


I asked the person with me to cut my fringe so I could see properly. 


We went down to the shore which was now full of fishing boats laden with fish. An abundance! Fish of all shapes and sizes. I’d never seen so many or such variety before it was amazing.


There were so many that the cost of food went down and even the poor could eat well.


Also beautiful creatures came out of the sea, including sea lions. I showed others there that the sea lions were friendly/tame, even though they tried to bite their teeth did not puncture my skin. I held and cared for a ragged brown one.


Others helped at other boats, because there were so many fish. Some of the boats had landed sharks in them but no one seemed to be afraid.


I asked if Kohl my Grandson would see this and was told, “Yes he will – and he’ll see even more!”



Zoe says, ‘My interpretation is…


There’s a move of God coming that will come with all the force and power of heaven. This is not just going to crash in one area but to sweep over a vast area.


It will come shaking ministries. God is very much in control of it.


It will cleanse our land, renewing and refreshing it.


The Holy Spirit will clean the dirty and remove the rubbish from people’s lives.


Thousands will be saved, people of all different backgrounds, races, colours and creeds.


Cutting my hair so I can see better is obvious. (Anthony’s note; hair in dreams is often a sign of knowledge or wisdom, so here human ‘knowledge’ can get in the way of spiritual revelation).


The poor will eat well – obvious too!


God’s people will not be afraid of the creatures that bite (spiritual attack? People who seem far away from God we’re scared of?).


We will nurture all those who come to Christ and encourage them in all compassion and humility.


People that were seen as dangerous and the enemy, including many criminals and drug dealers etc. will be ‘caught’ too – and born again.

 Are you ready for the MOVE? Spread the word!

Let’s pray – ‘Lord, send the wave!’

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  1. been praying for so long god is going to bless this nation like never before and it will spread to europe and beyond they will come weeping and praying as i bring them back a great throng will return among them will be the blind and the lame expectant women england will florish i the lord have spoken and will do it the poor and needy search for water i the lord will answer them

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