Nick Duffy at Ivy Manchester – ‘As We Forgive’

Matthew 18:22-35

The parable of the unmerciful servant – Jesus called him Wicked! Because he wouldn’t forgive from the heart.

More than anything else, God wants us to be more like Jesus.

And Jesus knows if we don’t get forgiveness sorted out, we will have a lot of trouble.

Because as we do life with people closely, there’s always friction!

The nations demonstrate the cycle of hatred and unforgiveness fester. That’s the macro.

What about the micro – who have you crossed off your Christmas list?

We miss what God wants us to have because of bitterness and resentment that ‘defiles many.’

Do you play the scenario over and over
Do you react to a name when you hear it

We are a loved nation aren’t we? Just watch Eurovision – see how many nations hold grudges against us

A little girl prayed ‘forgive us our bins as we forgive those who bin against us.’

How many times?
70 x 7 =
You’ve missed the point if you’ve done the maths

It’s so easy to pick and choose
Defriend on Facebook?

Imagine if church was the place where people just got over sins What a witness!
We are never more like God than when we are ‘for giving’

I don’t know what you went through
How do we do it?
Lk17 – the disciples said ‘increase our faith!’

The servant couldn’t pay off his own debt
We can’t earn forgiveness – that’s what every religion is going after The king had pity / compassion
The king himself paid the price
That’s just a glimpse of the suffering and shame of Christ to accomplish Rom 5:8

Ephesians 1:7
Jesus love is lavished upon us.

Are you holding rubbish against anyone today?

We need to practice forgiveness
It’s a choice
But God has perfected forgiveness for us

Is there anyone you need to go to now and practice Matt 18

Go in private
God never wants to publicly shame us

Don’t just gloss over their sin
Press it down
Don’t just say it’s ok
Approach people in private
Be humble
What’s the plank in MY eye?

Jesus says if we do it right we can gain a brother.

You can only do your bit
But you must do your bit

Don’t gossip it to everyone in public
Go in private.

As you’d want people to do to you.

Unforgiveness is a prison.

The person you need to forgive first may be yourself.

By not forgiving yourself you are saying Jesus death was not enough It’s a form of pride

Let go – and receive that love.