How honesty helps you get through ministry without ruining your life

Discussion started following teaching from Billy Kennedy @BillyK5562 at Leadership Network Retreat


Too many people get taken out of the fight.


No accountability structure will work without being really honest with yourself about where you really are at.


We need to be as honest as possible with a few people we can really trust.


We have to develop a culture of transparency and honesty, not just talking vision, growth and targets. We need to be able to say, ‘I am struggling.’ If we don’t have that at the front end we will have to be honest about it when the crash comes!


Our insecurities, driveness, low self esteem etc has to be dealt with and engaged. We ALL have stuff! Become more self aware.


Work at your marriage/ relationships. Continually invest in that. Men get attracted by a woman who takes an interest and if there’s a deficit at home are on very dodgy ground.


Work at extended family. Other people who are close, so we’re not seen as the isolated leader. Do life with those who see the private.


As couples we need to develop mutual friends.


Some of these things need to be put in place, but honesty with yourself is where it starts and ends. 


A lot of people before you started well but didn’t finish well. Don’t think it can’t happen to you.