Infinity – Nick Duffy at Ivy Didsbury

Small is big if God is in it
It only takes a mustard seed of faith but God can do miracles from that

Mk 8:22-end
Are we living with eternity in view?

Today is Remembrance Day
How would you feel to go into conflict like that
People’s determination has determined our destiny
‘Our actions today echo in eternity’ (Gladiator)
Society dismisses heaven – until someone dies then we say ‘there must be more to life than this.’ We talk about trivial things and say
YOLO – you only live once;
So if this is all there is, live fast & die young
But then there are glimpses of the eternal where we sense ‘this is transcendent’
Moments God uses as a glimpse of someone saying ‘You think this is beautiful, you should see me’ Lives lived apart from Jesus are just moment to moment
‘The fact that our hearts yearn for something earth cannot supply is proof that heaven is our home’ CS Lewis
Jesus says ‘lose your life – gain your soul!’ We have that imprint of God in us and try to fill it but Jesus wants people to see clearly The disciples didn’t see the miracle of multiplications meaning
He came to Bethsaida and it’s a place of no faith and he has to take him away from that to pray for that

He needed to see people the way Jesus did. We are not just clever animals.

How do you see others?
Pope Francis sees the value of a man in the crowd this week who others would shun, he kissed and prayed for him.

Jesus asks us ‘Who do you say I am?’
The disciples aren’t there yet
Peter steps up: with the right view of Jesus.

How do you see Jesus?

Peter’s perspective changed, but then it changes back. He just sees his mate. Fixes on earthly perspective.

How much do we focus on the eternal God who was and is and is to come

‘Teach me Lord to number my days
That I might GAIN a heart of wisdom’

Don’t waste this time. It’s all you get – for now

Seek the things above Paul told the Colossians

When you say yes to Jesus, your life ends;
And begins – forever!

What do you need to be prepared to lose now – to gain everything

What do you have to lose?

Jesus plus nothing = everything
Everything – Jesus = nothing

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