Infinity – Sid Williams at Ivy Sharston

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘infinity’?

Toy story
Bt broadband
Nhs waiting lists
How long coronation street has been on tv

We find it hard to get our heads round because we all have a birthday God didn’t have a birthday
Apart from Christmas
God doesn’t have a start and an end
He just IS the Alpha and Omega

What else has no end?
No such thing as an everlasting gobs topper!

We like the beginnings
But then there’s an end
How do we cope with that?

1) connect to the infinite God
2) let that impact us now

God is the only uncreated thing
Many scientists acknowledge ‘a creative power’ kicked it off Who’s that then?!

If we have a relationship with God he offers us not only his presence with him now – but forever And then we won’t be worrying about council tax
We will have a different viewpoint

God says ‘you’re like a blade of grass’
Is there any reason anyone will remember you in 100 years?

If so – you’re like a big bubble
But it’s still going to pop.

We focus on this and that – then I will be happy
But – we all have a sell by date.

If you’re going to live forever – can you be more content with what I have Will you worry less about the what ifs, and death itself.

Knowing God is infinite means that this finite life can change too.

Your purpose is not just to survive long enough to be old enough to go on a cruise.

Connect to the infinite, eternal God who loves you with an everlasting love.