What’s evangelism? #exponential

1) Billy Graham ~ Proclamation
2) Dawson Trotman – Disciple making
3) John M Perkins – Social justice ‘Momma will ask me, what did u do for people like me?’ 3Rs 4) John Wimber – Power!

Many of these have been individualistic

5) Hybels. The local church is the hope of the world; church growth/ church planting Acts 2 recovered.

But we can end up too focused on numbers that way so…

6) Shane Claiborne – Alternative counter cultural communities. Radical reimagining of the neighbourhood.

And we can end up that way not focusing on the word- so, back to Billy!

All these models are needed
Which should you do?

Do what you do best!

Affirm all these models, they’ve all been used by God through history so the church grows through history, not transfer.