#RunAlpha – Nicky Gumbel at #Exponential

Invite A Generation: Run Alpha

166 different nations

110 languages

24 million people have done the course

20 to 50% express that they’ve fully come to faith.


A – for anyone

L – learning and laughter

P – Pasta/ food

H – Helping each other

A – Ask anything


This was a great session, where we were shown how to run an Alpha course by the man himself, Nicky Gumbel.


Went through some icebreakers;


1)  What’s your name, and a positive adjective?

2)  You’re stuck on a desert island – what two items would you take with you?


Then they get a little more pointed…

3)  How did you end up coming here to Alpha tonight?

4)  If it turned out there was a God after all and you could ask God any question, what would you ask him?


Write down the questions! You hope to answer them as the weeks progress.


NB. The leader is not the main conversationist here. The guests are there to pass it around each other.


This is revolutionary, we’re not trying to win the argument. We’re part of the discussion.


The best way to do it – LIVE TALKS (done well)

Then – DVDS

Then Live Talks (done badly)!

Who’s it aimed at? Pitched at 24 year old Urban male. 

Training goes out live for anyone who wants to see it.

If you want to do Alpha you have to do it 9 times to get it right. First few times you’re just running it for people in the church. Then it’s friends bringing friends that makes the snowball get rolling.


Try to make the services as much like Alpha as you can; informality. Not necessarily evangelistic services.



Go to Alpha.org/run and it’s all on there, in 6 steps you can customise the course for your church.