#exponential Rethinking Preaching

Andy Stanley

People are not on a truth quest, but a happy quest.
We know it’s bigger than that but if you tap into that, you find the tension – the cry of the human heart.

Matt Chandler
Preach the massiveness of the gospel,
If all Christianity is ‘me as a better person’ then we end up as navel gazing spiritual types For the church to engage we have to see the greater pull and power of the gospel So we care about all suffering but especially eternal suffering.

James Meeks
You have to be yourself. If you’re trying to impress people, you’re going to blow it Be sure you know what you’re going to talk about.
If you don’t – they won’t!

Andy Stanley
One of the mistakes we make is that if you spend all your time listening to a particular preacher you’ll sound like that guy, listen broadly! We all adopted a style, not on purpose
What do I need to keep
What do I need to change so communicating is FUN for me
Even if I’m intense and in the zone.
You have to find that place where you walk away from where you were.

James Meeks
The church is under condemnation for NOT being political. Rom 13 is Gods instrument. But ungodly people step in and rule where the godly refuse to step up to the plate. Preach righteousness that exalts the nation

Andy Stanley

What business is it of mine to judge those OUTSIDE the church? So look for opportunities to say
1. I know you’re here
2. If you’re not a Christian, you don’t have to do this…or believe this.,.

And then they lean in. They don’t walk out.

But hold Christians to live like they are.
Tell people ‘You can be a follower of Jesus without believing…’
They don’t have to take the whole thing lock stock and barrel. Thinking people won’t do that.

How do you write a sermon?

Matt Chandler
Puts skeletons in for a year in advance – so he’s up to advent right now A team brand the messages way up in advance
But they are also very open to ‘now’ words that may override it He has 1 study day a week

Andy Stanley
Tries to be three weeks fully prepared at a time.
Thematically a year blocked in.

Do you practice it out loud?

Matt C
No, first time I preach it is first time I say it

Andy S
I need to practice intros & stories & conclusions out loud, then I will tell it better.

James M
I write it all out word for word. One time I wrote ‘dog story’ and couldn’t remember it. Since then, I write the dog story out.

How of you handle the post preach blues? Assessing impact.

MC – multiple feedback loops.
JM – my kids tell me
AS – twitter! They tweet what’s on the screen. I can look at that feed and see if they took away what they were meant to.

Last thoughts?
JM – be prepared and have fun. Don’t worry about making mistakes, you’re human, you will. It’s about Him not you

MC -,do the hard work but remember you can motivate but not transform.

AS – watch yourself preach – you will quit or get better. You say ‘I hate to watch myself preach!’ You may not be the only one.