Larry Osborne ‘Come and See’ at #Exponential

Larry Osborne

Evangelism was always easy for him because it was a passion for him and he was an extrovert.

Gift projection= where I take that and make it the norm everyone else should be

Who helped changed him?
Thinking about two people he knows.

Nancy, his wife. Introvert, mercy giver.

Tom, a born salesman who has taught evangelism, knows all the answers, full of stories of people he led to ‘pray a prayer’ for Christ

But looking around the church he saw more people had come to faith through Nancy’s love and invitation than Tom’s words.

The drive by guilting wasn’t producing lasting fruit

Instead they moved to ‘Come and See.’
This will be the primary way people come to Jesus and learn to be disciples unless they were born into a functional Christian family

– not ‘Come and see our programs’ but ‘Come and see how we love God and each others’

1) gives people time to consider the cost & call of Christ. ‘Right now’ decisions rarely stick. Check the Vegas marriages. It usually takes 5-7 encounters to consider

2) provides instant and natural follow up
It’s harder to disciple strangers than friends! Friends follow up friends

3) everyone can do ‘come and see’ evangelism

How do we do it?
Everything they do is aimed at Christians but make sure it can be clearly understood by ‘helluva talk’ don’t go to church guys.
Teach the whole of scripture. The hard stuff too, so they get to hear and process.

Are churches have become like sushi restaurants.

Because you always ask. ‘Do you like sushi’ before you invite them

And people won’t invite friends if they think lots of what we are doing is sushi

– when we sound like an in house club with our own language.
– if you act like the room is only full of long term Christians, it will be

Sometimes our ‘special services’ say – wait until the guest service. It puts the guests way off too!