CREATING BIG PEOPLE – Clare Chapman at #LC14 – Head of HR at Tesco, NHS, now BT.


She became a Christian at the age of 12, holiday club, watching a film about Jonah and the big fish.


6 years ago her husband David suddenly died in her arms. Then a voice came ‘You have what you need.’

You never get over it but you can move on.


When they first married David wouldn’t believe until he saw concrete proof. He eventually did the Alpha course, where he realised he had been asking the wrong question. He died believing in the resurrection.


For many years she had her spiritual life and work life in two separate boxes, but now she sees there’s an ‘here on earth as in heaven’ aspect where the talents you are given, well used, brings great fulfillment.


The Parable of the Talents

She struggled with the parable! The servant who buried it suffered wrath. The pursuit of wealth isn’t the problem, it’s when that becomes the reason to be. Values and purpose are at the core of creating abundance rather than addiction.



To believe in something bigger than the day to day of transactions. ‘Blueprint for the better business’ looks at how to become a force for good. 5 Principles eg

Fairness (Honesty)

Guardian for next generation


What is the purpose of your organization?


Tescos learned that for a company to thrive you have to have generous people. Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you feel big and that can do more? Are the people allowed to be big?



You have to have the Mary/ Martha thing. Busy, and reflective.

She works like a dog in the week, but recharges at the weekend.

Part of the power of leadership is about being in the moment available to step forward when needed.



True breakthrough happens when you combine thoughts rather than impose.



Do NOT use meetings to inform people. There are all kinds of ways to onform people. Use meetings to solve problems.



It’s distressing. Remember that it’s not easy. Try not to change structure, but sometimes you have to. Use focus groups to try to find out how to make life better for the customer. People are willing to tell you what you got wrong – you’re wise to listen.


People you have to let go? Difficult things?

This comes back to the parable of the talents. One day I will meet my maker and I want to feel proud then of creating abundance and contribution.


‘Churches need to be safe places for people to take risks’ said Justin Welby. There is no reason why big change can’t happen with faith and courage. Don’t live with regrets, we have opportunity to do something that goes way beyond us.


It is possible to do what I do without being a Christian, but the great thing about being a Christian is you can get up when you fall.