Going through transition and change well.

From staff meeting today – thanks Dave Challis, & Paul Scanlon.

Amos 9

Here the order seems wrong
There’s so much change going on at once it feels out of synch You think change is difficult?
Try irrelevance
Change is always personal
It’s not just a system or a process
It’s not the change that mixes you up
It’s the transition
Leaders will always get there first
Followers will take their time

You could change by being married
But not do the transition of living like a married person

You could say a prayer and make a decision to follow Christ
But have you transitioned to be a disciple?

The grief cycle applies to change too;
People deny it or its need
May resist it
Then begin to explore it
Before committing to the new way

God says ‘Moses is dead – move on now Joshua.’

There’s a gap between where you were and where you’re going People fall through that gap if you don’t help them in that neutral zone. That place is a great opportunity time actually – you can grow deep roots there.

1) convince people why here doesn’t work – sell the problem. 2) acknowledge the loss
3) take some of the good memories forward with you but not enough to hold you back.