Andy Hawthorne at Ivy Kingsway ‘Let my people go’

Exodus 7
Moses had the longest apprenticeship ever. 80 years long. How frustrating!
John Norman came to the Message and said God often takes those he uses through these stages- 1 Appointed
2 Disappointed
3 Anointed

Are you in the disappointed stage?
Moses was in that place for 40 years in the desert.
The impulsive Moses of Ex 3
The hesitant Moses of Ex 4
The triumphant Moses of Ex 5
Wouldn’t be able to do it.

In chapter 7 he’s coming into his anointing.
Remember this is not a kids story. It’s a real historical story and a parable with us to learn from.

We are on a rescue mission.

God is angry about sin. About how it messes you and the world up. How the thief keeps stealing, killing and destroying.
The bible says clearly if we harden ourselves toward God we will experience judgement. Preachers don’t preach this any more because we are nicer than God.

God brought plagues, disasters, darkness on Egypt because it stood against him.

This is a world under a curse and every week we see this happen. There really is a hell. Who wants to tell people that?
But if we don’t they keep on heading toward it.
We love John 3:16
But read the next verse

Pharaoh stubbornly rejected the word of God

The Bible was presented to the Queen on her coronation as the lively oracles of God. She has done an amazing job of what was placed in her hands But what about us

There are 2 sides to Gods character:
Justice and Love

The cross holds both in tension
The way out from justice is love at the cross

I’m not going to hell
I’m not a slave
Because ‘it is done’

It is finished! A victory shout! The debt is fully paid. The way is open. Anger at sin is not the end of the story.

In the middle of chapter 8, as the nation continued to struggle against God, verse 9, Moses said ‘I leave to you the honour of when you get rid of the frogs.’

What would you say?
Today obviously!

He says ‘Tomorrow.’
What a nutter!
Why would you kept the frogs one day longer?

Today is the day of salvation.
Today decide for where you will spend all your eternal tomorrows. And today you can be appointed for his purposes and anointed to fulfil them.

Why wait till tomorrow?!