@Debrajgreen at Ivy MCR – Where God guides, he provides

Exodus 16

There’s good news and bad news here

The good news – God provides for 2 million people who have seen many miracles and are headed from slavery to promise

God provides meat and bread
When you follow God’s vision, you get God’s provision

The bad news it takes 40 years for them to get into Canaan, because they could not enter in. What kept them out of promise? Disobedience. All the men who could fight but didn’t, had to die first.

Be a man who obeys!
Obedience attracts blessing & promise

The word grumble is repeated 7 times here. It becomes a pattern for them. Despite all God has done. All the deliverance. Because they are hungry
Do you get grouchy when you get hungry?

We live in a place of plenty.
We have enough!
‘I haven’t got anything to wear!’ (Really?)

Give up grumbling – it’s the opposite of faith!

They keep moaning – some people prefer to live in Egypt. Don’t want to move on.

‘Do all things without grumbling…’ Rom 4:16

Ask the people closest to you – are you a grumbler?

Trust comes when we reflect on the fact that God is reliable and good. We can completely rely on him. Prov 3:5

Their eye was on Canaan but their mind was on Egypt.
Get out of Egypt!
Places or patterns or choices are not who you are, they are what you did. Get your mind renewed. Live according to your new name

Live on the manna he has – it’s grace! It’s so undeserved isn’t it? But God blesses us ANYWAY. Jn 6. Jesus is the living bread!

They only had manna
We have Jesus as a spiritual feast.

Give us our DAILY bread. You don’t have to hoard up the blessing as though he can’t do it again. This new situation is not too hard for him. God has got it covered.

Money follows ministry – vision and provision run on parallel tracks.

They had no sign of the provision – every day they had to believe for it.

And for generations to come they had a sign to show of God’s miraculous provision. ‘So they can see I gave you bread in the wilderness.’ Our faith effects the next generation

What he gives, he gives for the generations to follow to be blessed. They are watching how we live, it’s a testimony.