Lynn Swart at Ivy. God’s Top Ten

We call it the Ten Commandments
But it’s actually in Hebrew the Ten Words
In a covenant relationship
Boundary lines come out of love

God is saying ‘I want to show you my love, and out of that I will give you some words that help you in that love.’

The highest form of worship and love is obedience.

This is not domination or control
It’s to lead toward a full life

Two categories
1-4 us and God
6-10 us and others

Love me exclusively
Live a life of love, as you have been loved

Cf Mark 12 – what’s the most important?
LOVE GOD with all you are
LOVE your neighbour

Receive the love
Give the love
And repeat!

It’s there in Dt 6 ‘Hear!’
It flows out of relationship
It doesn’t come out of us

It comes out of a God who brings us out of slavery – and we haven’t arrived yet- but I live loved.

And afterward there’s this awesome power of God revealed, but then they pulled back from him. Fear stops them.

‘God has come to test you’ not for judgement
But for an upgrade!
There is more!

If we come from that place of awe. Knowing we don’t have to go back.

Cf World Cup:
Yellow card – less serious
Red card – a serious offence

There is a World Cup going on right now and all heaven is watching!

It’s not a 4 year thing.

God wants you involved in the action!
He gave his Son so you’d know his love eternally.
He doesn’t want you to be at a distance

God wants to give you;
Future – there’s a promised land for you too! Don’t lose hope! God is still working in this world. Life is still to be loved, life to the full.

Receive his love by faith now.
Then think of your world, ask the Lord to help you give it away.