Danielle Strickland at #nwunited14 – Eye Surgery

Ephesians 2
Paul’s prayer – that we would have vision

God needs to expand our vision

Read the Hebrews Heroes
11:13 – they didn’t get it but they saw it from a distance and welcomed it.

She told the great story about the Muslim woman sitting with her on the plane – I blogged it from Exponential – – search for her name on the blog and read it.

She got to see behind the veil
Then the girl asked ‘was I what you were expected’

Remember Hagar? Invited in, used, then excluded. Left to die in the desert. She’s excluded and alone and cries out –
Then God shows up and she says ‘I have seen the God who sees me’

Then she goes back and says I’m not invisible any more.

God is with us
You’re not invisible
Not to him, ever
You’re not isolated
He sees you
You can see him
Don’t hide behind a veil.

He’s right here.
No matter what.
Even if it didn’t or doesn’t get better.
You will never be alone in anything you go through

When you realise God is with you
You can take risks
Be free
Free others

Acts 3:4
It was an ever enlarging vision.
It’s about you
Then it’s about your neighbours
Then it’s Jerusalem and from there to every nation.

Look at the change in the disciples perspective
Their vision shifts because they stop and look at beggars
Make eye contact
Look – intently, ‘look at us!’

Remember how they used to see beggars? Sinners cursed.

Now it’s a real person.

Then in Acts 10 Peter has an ever expanding vision ‘kill and eat!’

No Lord, never.
Again and again

Then the messengers arrive – from the enemy. The oppressors

The Lord told us to take us to the Gentiles house – completely defiled Because The Lord expanded his vision
To uncomfortable places

Bigger than you could ever dream possible

How do you see yourself?
See how he sees you
See him
Shift your perspective

See others now.
Your neighbour
Your enemy
The stranger

Don’t wait to be released – you’re released! Don’t let fear stop you.

Go. See someone. Do something that makes you look foolish.

Where is too hard for you to go? Go there
See the world he sees
It’s not too hard for him.

Mother Teresa never saw a beggar- she saw Jesus.

Do you need eye surgery?