Robby Dawkins – how leaders can help grow their churches in the miraculous t

Notes from a meeting at New Wine 14. Most of it was Robby, some from others.

1. Keep stories of miracles
– in & out of the church, of people stepping out; and ‘free to fail’ services That it doesn’t have to be successful
You have a value of risk taking
– in home groups, on the streets.

2 Step up yourself.
Once a quarter/ a month – step out. Pull people in front of everyone and model it. Walk through the model of prayer – one to one.
If it doesn’t seem to ‘work’ – you’re I’m that now and not yet deal, it’s okay. Get the kids to pray, or people who have never prayed for someone before Or ‘anyone with problem with shoulder?’
Anyone feel God doesn’t use you in prayer? Get over and put your hands on them and say this…

3.Pray the way Jesus prayed.

The way the apostles prayed – ‘shoulder be healed…’

4. What if they don’t get healed?
Don’t avoid this!
Take a risk.
Say something you normally wouldn’t
Do something you usually wouldn’t
Put Something out there for God to multiply.,
You’re not a healer anyway
You can’t heal anyone
Just because it works doesn’t mean you’ll ever get confident in it anyway!

5. Be around people who believe this stuff still works.

Give yourself permission to do a new thing. What you do on Sunday is meant to be reproducible on Monday.

If you’re already not seeing people healed by not praying, you might as well get praying!

We create the culture. Don’t change the culture, create a new one. You’re in charge of that.

Don’t let feeling fear stop you. That feeling/ thought may not be you. Don’t let the enemy intimidate you out of it. Act like an overcomer. Trust that and push the other way against it. Push out.

Put some time in the diary every week to be out on the streets praying for people.