2 Ways To Live – Alan Taylor @ivychurchhub

Galatians 4:8-20

Have you ever seen someone who starts off full of joy in God. But then they lose focus, lose grace – end up a pain to be around. This church went like that completely.
The simple message of grace they embraces was getting very complicated.
Imagine someone being told at adoption ‘we will love you in this family -,if and when you follow the rules’ There are 2 ways to live
Law or Grace
Which way are you living?

Law = it’s all about what you know
Grace = being known

Paul says going to live by law is just as bad as living that pagan life.

We can trade the old life problems for new
Give up drink
Take up religious Pharisaism

More impt than knowing God is being known by him.

What does it mean to be known by God?
To know that he is your Father and you are a son. An inheritor. God knows you as a loving father loves his beloved son.

Got a problem with the idea of father? When we want to know what the Father’s like, look at the son. Jesus.

When you have one child you wonder how you could ever love another so much But God loves us like he loves his Son.

Knowing in the head can get in the way of knowing in your heart. Just because you can understand it doesn’t mean you have the reality of it.

Law makes you miserable
Grace makes you joyful

Paul says they’re getting all caught up in special days.
When you first start going out you remember the one week anniversary of going out, the 6 month etc

But you don’t have to remember the 4156th monthaversary of going out – because now you are married. A new covenant has come in!

God proposed to you – offered to do life with you
Gave you a sign -,the cross, so we can be sure & secure.

You can end up not doing the bad things others are doing because of law, but you won’t get joy that way.

But as a son you can say no because you don’t want to lose the joy.

If you ask your Father for a fish he won’t give you a snake
Ask for the Spirit he won’t give you a slap!

Law deforms
Grace transforms

Paul says I’m pregnant for you as Christ is formed

The Law doesn’t transform you, it just tells you you need the change.

Grace transforms.
We are not meant to be slaves but sons
Heirs not orphans

We don’t want to be Pharisees that reach people but don’t see them change except into sons of hell

Only sons can represent the Father fully.

Until you can call God your Father, you’ve missed the whole point of Christianity.