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People get on edge when they hear the word evangelism.

We used to get the evangelists come to the church: Big bible, stories, miracles, wife.

But God wants to set you up to win.

1 Cor 9:19-23
Paul’s secret of evangelism?

Connect to the people where they are, to win them to Christ.

Become a servant to them for the sake of the gospel.

Evangelism isn’t about what you know-

It’s about:
1) Who we are
He starts off by saying he knows who he is. If you know who you are in Christ, you’ll share him. Let your light shine. Jesus says I AM the light of the world. The salt of the earth. This is who you are because he is in you

That’s plural, not singular
It’s not ‘you in your small dark corner and you in mine.’ It’s you together – plural – are the light, singular.

Nothing changes about the light, it’s all about position. If you put it under a bowl it lights nobody else. The church is better than you think. More powerful than you know. The light of the world

2) How we relate

Paul’s not compromising, he’s looking for a point of contact. It’s not ‘come to church and become like us ‘ it’s about I love you enough to accommodate to you. Build a bridge
You can’t drive a heavy load over a thin bridge
All of us have relationships
The gospel flows through relationships
EA. – 77% came to church because a friend invited them

Evangelism looks like joining the running club, or going to the pub, opening your home, praying for people by name, being a friend – especially in hard times. Build bridges.

It’s not our job to convert them, convince them, or convict them. Love them! By all means!
Meet them where they are

3) What we share

The pressure’s off. Paul says he does it all for the sake of the gospel. Some people will get it, others won’t. But the gospel is the power of God unto salvation of everyone who believes.

Nothing can change hearts like the gospel – never be ashamed of its dunamis.

It’s a dark, dark world. Shine!

Pray ‘Dear God, use us! To use our freedom to reach others with the gospel.’

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