The Intoxicated Life. @AlanTaylor82 at Ivy Didsbury #YearofMore

Jesus calls people to be with Him
And to be like Him
More and more and more
He wants to increase us.
Luke 5
The calling of Matthew
He throws a party!
Matthew was the most unlikely person to follow Jesus
But the greatest sinners can become the greatest saints
The religious people whisper against it.
Jesus says ‘Change your mind- see like I see, the sick need a Dr, you think you’re too healthy for that.’

Vs 33ff
Every been to a wedding where everyone’s fasting? No! This is celebration time.

He takes some everyday examples to help then see heavenly truths.

You can’t just do a patch up Job with clothes – or those who wear them.

You can’t put new wine in the old containers.

I wish I had known that when I first came to faith
We have to exchange something – not managing the old, trying to do a self renovation job. It’s old for new
New thinking
With capacity to follow now. You have an exchange not just an add-on.

The new life is not compatible with the old one.
Do not get drink on wine, but be filled with the Spirit.
That’s good news! Because I love that drunk feeling where you can do anything, be bold, be who you want to be – because you’re intoxicated. That’s just an imitation though!

There’s a better kind of intoxicated life with God.
You don’t say and do stupid because you’re full this way.
Get the Spirit in you, speaking through you.
You’ll get filled. That’s what everyone’s longing for in a drug or a drink. You can’t have a mixture of the old and the new.
Jesus is the new wine.
He didn’t come in the package they wanted so they rejected him.

You are chosen. Before you were born. To have Christ in you, the hope of glory. Not just more of Jesus out there in the world – but more of Him in me.

You need a new container
New capacity – for more of God!