Pray & Go. Luke 12::4-12 @debrajgreen

Debra co-wrote City Changing Prayer with her husband Frank. Prayer changes things!

Lk 12:12 shows how a person who is plugged into God will react differently because their life will be a prayer that overflows in every situation. In the workplace where it’s tough the Holy Spirit can give you the words at that time.

We won’t need to be anxious then.

When we live on mission we will get the message we need.

Philippians 4:5-7
Be anxious for nothing – pray! And then you will get the peace.

People ask ‘How does God’s guidance work?’ Well it’s peace that directs us and leads us.

Einstein ‘Only those who see the invisible can attempt the impossible.’

Go somewhere to seek God, wait on him, listen to him, find his will.

People who don’t have a relationship with God just ask him for things. We pray to develop the relationship we have with God.

Prayer works but we have to work it.

How much has our city changed because of prayer?!

Matt 7:7-8 talks about persistent prayer. Praying in the face of the problem. 100% of the prayers you don’t pray won’t get answers
There’s a progression here –
Ask: ‘please God, move.’
Seek: maybe God is asking you to move?
Knocking : demanding some movement.

5 years ago Roc started this process years ago, praying for a flagship place for the charity to be based.

God shut various doors along the way, why- because God had something bigger and better.

Finally they were given a £5million amazing building free!

Provision follows prayerful vision.