#NTGlobal Josh Howard – What constitutes a Church?

What is a Church?

We can’t talk about a unified curriculum for church planter training if we don’t agree what church is.

What’s the most simplified version of a church?

Curtis Sergeant. Trained Ying Xai!

Draw a Triangle

Jesus in the centre.

What does it do?

  • Love God at top
  • Love one another
  • Make Reproducing Disciples

Cf Knowing, Growing, Going.

Celebrate, Connect, Contribute

This is the main thing. We have all kinds of other things we do that get in the way of that.

Put a box around the triangle.

4 things that can get in the way of the triangle

Money – can serve it or stop it

Buildings – can help or hinder it

Staff – if they do everything, so others don’t.

Programs – if we make discipleships a course to do, not a life to live.

Triangle churches can be small, medium or large. Butt how about you build a church out of little triangles, gathering together and celebrate what God has done through the week.

What type of people are we training that will be able to build these kind of churches?

Oscar Muriu – what makes a church a church, not a small group?

People tend to define that by where they come from. If you come from a place where church is big, you think about church being big. In many countries like in Islamic countries, you don’t get this. The Jews had a synagogue where there were ten men.

It’s hard to replant a big full grown tree it takes a lot of capital and hard work

It’s easier to plant a seed and give them 20 years. The DNA of the seed works, if you water it.

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  1. Great post highlighting good things that need to be held in balance if we are not to detract from excellent things. I’ve reblogged on my churchpeopleproperty blog.

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