Leadership Pipeline of Nairobi Chapel. #NTGlobal

Leadership Pipeline of Nairobi Chapel. (apologies it didn’t load from Word for some reason!) 

These guys run the most amazing leadership and apprenticing model called…

Kinara (captain / point person)

This forms the first 3 levels of their pipeline.

Based out of  Mk 12:29-31

Love God, neighbor, yourself.

Ram Charam’s pipeline was adapted.

  • Lead self (year 1 – resident, doing classes, and ministry engagements – go for a week to live in the slums, preach to the poor etc) If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others!
  • Lead others (responsible for a team) year 2 – mission year (short term), this assists church planting.
  • Leading managers (teams) year 3 – final year. You may (possibly) then be invited onto staff….
  • Lead a function
  • Lead the organization

Nuts and bolts:

Targeted recruitment, so you retain the best people. Target theology schools??

Recruit constantly – always on the look out for quality interns.

Have classes focused around the 5 Cs:




The training is for church planting. We want to think ‘what will a new church need?’ then get 5 in a team to go. Worship, kids, admin, preaching etc. Every trainee should get a one to one mentor (not quite there yet!). These people provide each trainee with a disciple, provides supervisory guidance, challenge, evaluation.

It’s a self funded program. They have to raise their own funds, but they can get fired

Every 6 weeks – meeting to:

Point out : strengths/ weaknesses

Inject seriousness

Self/ dept/ Kinara

Psalm 78:72 is the end product. Men and women with ‘integrity of heart skillful hands.’

They have expectations for people at every level. You don’t progress to the next one without doing that one.

Kinara is Phase 1. TRAINING PHASE

Year 1 – Intern. E.g. timekeeping, spiritual disciplines in year 1. DNA. Do they know our vision and values? Are they accommodating to our standards?

Year 2 – assess on planning, execution, teamwork, relationships. Assessed on e.g. planning a service, doing a kids class. Will they play the role assigned? The first year was all about yourself, this is all about others!

Year 3 – Ministry assistant. Assigned to a particular ministry. Can they manage a unit? It may have volunteers, other interns. Assess communication skills, critical paths.

Phase 2 = STAFF phase.

1) STAFF. They get invited by a Lead Pastor into a staff position at NC. Paid for by THAT local assembly. They then become a Ministry Director, managing multiple units.

Silo Bursting (being able to work in the context of the ENTIRE church; ‘What does my ministry wih kids have to do with admin and budgets’ etc.). Many fail or stick at this level!

Coaching Teams. (Growing people under them, to ensure their team is BETTER, not just what it has accomplished).

Ability to deploy resources.

Operational Thinking (day to day thinking)

2) PASTOR. Now go to big picture thinking. Where is your ministry going to be like in the next 3 years? What’s the growth strategy.

You also have to be able to raise resources to facilitae the ministry

Strategic thinking


(Lead a church) manage complexities, team leadership, know and grow ministries, firefighting.


Lead a movement, not just a church. Lead other lead pastors. Global call and connection, provide overall direction for the church.