Ems Hancock at @myivychurch Esther 1 A Culture Of Honour.

There is a way to talk to and be with people that honours people or dishonours them.

Ems has a daughter called Esther and she was born ‘for such a time as this.’

It’s a very biblical thing to exercise a culture of honour.

Around 470BC the Jews were taken into exile and now they were under the power of Xerxes who ruled 120 provinces from India to Ethiopia.

For 6 months he threw a party to display his wealth and power. It was very ostentatious (think footballers mansion).

The royal wine flowed freely and he got ‘very very drunk’ – after a 7 day binge he called his wife in to show her off

She refused and he got very insulted. So did all the men.
Let’s get a new queen!

That’s how Esther got a crown later

Xerxes was a man without honour
Rich, yes – but…
Big ego

Communicates through eunuchs
Not a job you’d want

He’s surrounding himself with men less manly to make himself bigger.

The queen was from a royal line in her own right. She was married to the son of her fathers killer!

She had a lot to lose here.

He wanted her to just wear a turban to the party. It’s an abusive, voyeuristic circumstance.

She said no
That’s quite brave isn’t it?
She was potentially saving her husband from more shame.

Her name Vashti in old Persian means ‘most excellent woman’
That’s in Ivy’s year id excellence!!

Those we live with, those closest to us: think about what they need.

How do you honour them?
Hold them in great esteem?

How good are you at recognising others and making room for them and their gifting.

God gets glory from that.
When we make room for God, he shows up.

The temperature effects the growth of a culture in a Petri dish. And in a church!

You can change the atmosphere in a place! In Tescos as well as church.

Honouring is in line with the culture of heaven. Rev 5:13 ‘Worthy is the Lamb!’ Give God honour! Give people honour!

Jesus didn’t say ‘be the best you you can be,’ he said, ‘wash feet, serve, notice others.’

That honours people – and then they grow and flourish and become more effective.

The world tries to honour people who do something great, or stupid if it’s on YouTube

But God honours those who honour him.

In a marriage you get asked to honour your wife/ husband.

Do you honour your church? Love it, comfort, honour and protect it?

How do we deliberately honour others?

1) Praise others for their strengths
2) Say ‘well done’ for growth
3) Rejoice with rejoicers
4) Allow others to use their gifts – you don’t have to do it all! 5) Give space and time for God to be honoured.

A culture of honour is necessarily to sustain a move of God.

Does your personal culture of honour need to change?

Who do you need to thank or praise now – to mimic the culture of heaven?