Immeasurably More! @RabbiRogers HIGHER.

Ephesians 3

This is the reason we kneel.
God is higher & more glorious than we can imagine.

Picture of a beach
The beach is good
But there is an ocean to step into.
Go in deep enough to trust the waters to hold you

God wants to lead us into deeper waters where we are immersed – where we are out of our depths but the Spirit is in control

Col 3
Look up – that’s where the action is

We look down a lot.
We get focused shuffling along
Look up to where Jesus is

God is bigger

But we shuffle along.

Look up!
See the stars
He’s bigger than you can imagine!

98% of the universe are invisible to us

The heavens are his playground
The earth is his footstool

We are made of 7 billion billion billion atoms

99.9% of an atom is empty space.

If you got rid of all the empty space you could condense everything to the size of a sugar cube

Don’t shrink God
Don’t control & contain him in a box
Don’t pray a safe prayer to a God that big!

The Jewish story goes that Elijah met an idol maker who is his friend. His gods that he made are in a box – drilled a hole in it so they can breath

Elijah said ‘my God made the box’

We box God in then wonder why he doesn’t help

‘The world is perishing for lack of the presence of God & the church is famished for want of his Spirit.’ AW Tozer

The same Spirit that raised Christ is available to us.
What if we are making our God too small
What if he did the same things?

We settle for the immeasurably less

Miracles are just what God does

We are meant to be ‘what if’ imaginative people!

What if God could?
Guess what
He can.

What if all we have seen so far is just the teaser trailer for the big movie yet to be released in our day?

We talk about the early church, what if thousands of years from now, we are the early church- the stories of our days are their miracle stories?

Don’t just look back at their stories- there is so much more for us.

When you went before the King you would kneel, bow your head. then make your requests

We have a great King!!