Life in Black and White

There’s a whole lot of work being done on my blog right now to update it and make it look fantastic and more user friendly.

There will be various sections for you to be able to navigate and go deeper with regards to learning about leadership at different levels, whether it’s for church, life or business.

Right now though  as you will notice it’s just black and white. Funny how we get used to all singing all dancing isn’t it?

I remember the excitement in our house I think I must have been about eight years old when my Dad brought home a colour television and I got to see colour TV in the house for the first time. The first program We watched was called, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home funnily enough, because we couldn’t wait till Dad got home and put the plug on and then we could see a whole new world.


Once we’d seen it in colour – there’s no way we’d ever have wanted to go back to Black and White again. Gone were the days watching snooker when the commentator would have to say to us, “for the benefit of those  watching in black and white, the blue was behind the green.’ (some of you will remember that right? The rest of you can  hardly believe such a world existed).

As I write, a large group of people are next door in the church building starting the Alpha course. It’s a journey of discovery to find out and test the claims Christianity. I’m delighted  to say that just now I have signed off a new resource which I’ve written called work it out which will help people figure out how to find their way back to God and enjoy  that life transforming relationship.

You’ll hear a lot more about that in the weeks ahead and I’d be delighted if lots of you got behind helping me spread the word about it far and wide.

The reason we do all of this is because the Father  has come to show  all of us what real life is meant to be like, what Jesus described in John 10:10 as ‘Life in all its fullness. ‘ When a person becomes a Christ follower they very often describe it as like going from black and white to technical or even these days HD!

I’ll  never forget the day my Dad brought that TV home, and I’ll never forget the day my Heavenly Father brought home to me what it’s like to live in colour.