4 Things that make church work (Chris Hodges)

(If you don’t know why it’s working when it’s working, you won’t know what’s broke)

  • GOD FACTOR – He is Sovereign! Work like it all depends on you, pray and fast like it all depends on you.
  • RIGHT PEOPLE – the leader’s most important job is to build and build up a great TEAM. The best way to look like a great leader – have a great team. Look for people of positive value. They’re vibrant, they light up the room. They don’t just sit off in the corner. They have production value – a bias toward action and hard work. And personal value. When you meet someone and you get that heart to heart connection. The divine flow. Because God builds the kingdom relationally.
  • RIGHT SYSTEMS – which deliver your results.
  • RIGHT CULTURE – culture trumps everything. It’s about how everything FEELS. Like when you go into the room and there’s fresh air. 2 Cor 3:17-18 ‘wherever the Lord is the SPIRIT’ (ruach/pneuma) = a blast of air, wind in your sails, a breath of life giving fresh air… is there. And wherever he is, there is freedom – and we reflect his glory.’ So how do we get that wind in the sails? That fresh air? By reflecting HIS glory. If we are transformed to reflect who he is, what he looks like, then we will create an environment of fresh air.

How do we look like He looks?

Check out the 4 faces in Ezekiel 1:1–28, cf the 4 gospels, with 4 different expressions of who Jesus is. Revelation 4

  1. OX = SERVANT. (Mark) Put people first. Don’t Lord over them. That spirit repels anyway. Serve them. Hug a lot of people, tell them you believe in them. Be the biggest encourager and lover of others. This is taking on the nature of Jesus. Kids loved him. He was a kid magnet. That means he had fun with them. Gospel Mark is the miracles among people gospel.
  2. MAN = RELATIONSHIP. (Luke) The genealogy in Luke goes back to Adam. He’s one of us. So be a relational leader. Build great teams. Be in a Grow Group. Lead it.
  3. EAGLE = EXCELLENCE. (Matthew, tax collector, detail, OT prophecies) The crowd were amazed that he did all things well. Do fewer things, extremely well. Get everyone together and discuss and find out the answer to this question- ‘What one thing, if it got better, would make the biggest difference?’ (This is a great question for marriages etc too.) Get a wooden bucket with slats, the water will not go higher
  4. LION – BOLDNESS (John) this gospel is completely different to the synoptic. LOVE. Love God. The greatest gift you give me is not what you are good at, but that you are passionately in love with Jesus. So fall in love with Jesus! Don’t tell them to worship, let it all come out of that daily love for Him.


Nothing works without that culture!