Lead by listening – Brad Jersak


Jesus is alive! The resurrection is essential to Christianity not just because there’s’ an empty tomb, but because he is here.

We were not just left with a love letter.

There’s a living God who wants to know us!

Jesus believed we could hear his voice.

But I didn’t really believe it.


What if we look at the new covenant promises? Based on Jesus dying for us.

What are the promises he made to us.


Forgiveness is forgiven. It was done on Good Friday and I experience it now, AND by word count that’s not number 1.

By word count, it’s that we get to hear God.


I grew up believing I had a personal relationship with Jesus, but not expecting him to speak to me.

What kind of personal relationship is that?


Jer 31:31ff – Prophesy of the New Covenant. No longer will a man need to say to his neighbour, because from the least to the greatest, ALL will! The least in age, the least holy even (because doesn’t he speak then?! Not just in your recovery but in your struggle).


Jer 31:3 ‘Call on me and I will answer you.’ (Really?! Yes Really!)

So if we call on him and don’t get an answer – there’s a problem…

‘… and tell you things you couldn’t know.’


So was that me or God? That’s a good problem. It means your spirit and Him become One. So you may not distinguish between Him and Me, but between True and False.

What if the check is the fruit of the Spirit. Is it love? Joy? Peace…


John 14:1-4

How many of us recognize God’s voice when you hear it?

Well Jesus thinks you hear him. Is he right? Is he lying?


John 16:12

Jesus said “I have so much I want to tell you but you can’t bear it now… “ but he wants to tell you more! The Father will share with the Son and the Spirit ‘will share whatever he hears.’

He’s not going to leave us as orphans, ‘I will come to you..’

My Father’s going to come and live in you.

The Spirit has come as your permanent guard and counselor.

This is very good news, he wants to show you, guide you, lead you…


When does this happen? When we mature? When we fast and pray?

No – we don’t do that with forgiveness of sin do we? We don’t make that dependent on my maturity or giftedness.


The woman at the well was never the same after meeting Jesus. So much so she may have been martyred by being drowned in a well for giving her testimony according to tradition!


Because Jesus said there was the voice of God that was going to be installed like a well would open up inside of you. So that when I call you answer.


Who is closer – you and your friend in the coffee shop, or your best friend, Jesus?


The Samaritan woman told everyone in town, and they came out to hear more. (it’s great to give a testimony and preach). But many more became believers because of his words to them. ‘NOW we have heard for ourselves… and we know…”




If you could meet God anywhere for a one on one, to hear good news… Where you would feel safe and secure, where would it be?


Could you approach him?


What’s he like?


What expression do you see? What do his eyes say?


What’s the very first thing he would say to you?


Augustine, “When I went out living for myself, God never left my heart I left his. But when I came back, he was waiting for me.’


He wants to speak to you

To use you so others hear


There are also some standard meeting places from the Bible;

‘I know a place you could go…’

You could meet him at the cross – to give away that burden…

You could meet him at the throne of grace, to receive grace, an upgrade


 Draw near to God, he will draw near to you!