VIDEO: What can we learn from the Special Forces about building teams that win?

This is from my recent teaching at the Ivy’s staff and elder’s day. It creates a summary of the incredible learning from a great leadership book we are embedding in our culture; One Mission by Chris Fussell.

In this video I outline issues such as;

  • What’s wrong with traditional management?
  • Why worked in the C20th that’s not working today?
  • How do we go beyond creating and filling roles in organisations and instead create an organic culture where people volunteer their best?
  • How do you resist silos and create a hybrid ‘team of teams’ that wins; a networked bureaucracy?
  • What is ’empowered execution’?
  • The power of defining and aligning around your ONE MISSION.

I believe this has the potential to be one of the most important leadership texts of our day, I encourage you to buy it and implement its learnings in your business, organisation OR CHURCH!